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Warning: Your Family Will Love the Quilts You Make Them If You Do This

Finding the right fabric in NH for your quilting projects can be hard. Even if you have a local quilt shop like Four Pines near you, sometimes you want to make a more personalized quilt. Not everyone appreciates or understands the sort of effort and time that goes into making a quilt, and you want to make sure that the recipient loves their gift, even if they don’t appreciate the work that went into it. If you have pored over fabrics for hours with no luck, maybe some of these ideas will inspire you to think out of the box a little.

You want to make a quilt that your family member will love. We get it.

Maybe you are making a quilt for your friend’s new baby, or your nephew who loves to play soccer. Perhaps you are planning to make a quilt for your grandchildren when they move out on their own. Often, if you are making a quilt for someone near and dear to you, you want to make them something that they will treasure for years to come. What can you do to make that happen?

Collect fabrics that mean something to them.

I know, this sounds so simple, right?

That friend who just had a baby? Ask her to save some of the clothes that she loved the most for you.

The nephew who loves sports? Collect his outgrown sports clothes.

Your grandchildren? Start collecting clothing and pieces of fabric that are meaningful now. Baby blankets are a great start.

Collecting fabric for months or years is more of a long-term plan; it’s not something you can make now. But it is something you can start doing today. Just think about how much it will mean to those people. Not only did you care enough to make them a quilt, but you took the time and effort to make sure that the quilt would be extraordinary. 

Take this idea and run with it. What other things could you collect to make genuinely personal quilts for the ones you love? Let us know in the comments!

In the meantime, if you are looking for fabric to start your quilting project now, Four Pines Quilting is a great quilt shop in NH that can meet all of your quilting and fabric needs! We also ship nationwide! Visit our website to view our great selection of items or find us on Facebook for more information.