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Fabric for Summer 2019: Add A Splash of Color

With the changing of every season, we tend to see a change in fashion trend as well.  From cooler palettes during the winter months to warmer tones during the summer, trends are always on the move.  Although many of us frequent the local retail shops to keep up with the times, others choose to tap into their crafty side.  If you happen to be that person, finding the ideal fabric store in NH can sometimes prove to be a challenging task.  At Four Pines Quilting, we make life easy by stocking up on a variety of fabrics for every season. 


Soft Floral Notes

A lovely spring option is the soft, quiet tone of floral fabric.  Resembling a watercolor painting, lacey floral fabrics are a beautiful way to stay in trend without being too bold.  Pale colors like pink, yellow, and lilac pair well with hints of blue and white.  A perfect outdoors option as lighter colors tend to reflect the suns hot rays rather than absorb them.


Bright and Tropical

Whether you’re planning an outfit for a backyard barbeque or picking out Monday work attire, a bright color palette is sure to meet the need of every situation.  For instance, the blazer.  A work necessity in any field, the blazer is the perfect go-to article of clothing.  Jackets come in an array of bright colors sure to make a statement when you enter the room.  Mixed with dress slacks or denim, the blazer is a timeless work classic. 

Likewise, the hot summer months are the ideal time to pull out the brightly colored tropical attire from the closet.  Hues such as orange, yellow, salmon pink, and green pop in any outdoor setting.  A perfect compliment to a hot, hazy day!



Often we pull from our closet whatever meets our mood for the day.  Thus, abstracts are the perfect everyday solution.  Offered in a variety of patterns and colors, this is the anything goes category!  From geometrics to brushstroke designs, abstract fabrics are used in all articles of clothing.  If you’re sporting a top or bottom with an abstract design, it’s best paired with a plain piece.  However, an abstract dress pairs well with shoes that are equally exciting.



If you’re feeling crafty and looking for fabric stores in NH, visit Four Pines Quilting.  Offering fabrics, threads, brother sewing machines, and more you can be sure all of your crafting needs are fulfilled in one stop.  Visit Four Pines Quilting online to view a full list of quality supplies.