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Tips for Starting Your First Quilt

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Quilt shop in NH from Four PinesStarting your first quilt is exciting! Now that you’ve learned a bit about the basic types of quilts, the tools from Four Pines that are handy to have, and the parts of a quilt from your local quilt shop in NH, you’re ready to get started! Here are 9 tips to get you going on the right foot.

1.Choose a beginner pattern

Start simple! Choose a pattern that only uses one or two types of simple blocks. Four Four Pines is a quilt shop in NH that is your go-to spot in for fabric! From basics to their Downton Abbey pattern collection, they have it all making your first quilting experience fun and easy.

2.Start Small

Four Pines suggests starting with something small. small quilts and table runners are easier to maneuver, and a quick finish. You will feel so much more confident with yourfirst project under your quilting belt!

3.Use high quality fabric

It will make a HUGE difference if you use high quality, 100% quilters cotton fabric. With the most choices and highest fabric quality, Four Pines makes every choice simple. Higher quality fabric holds its shape better, feels better to the touch, retains color better and is more durable.

4.Check your seam allowances

Make sure you are really great at a 1/4″ seam allowance. Almost all quilting patterns use the 1/4″ inch, and if your seam is off it will make all your measurements off throughout the entire quilt. You don’t want that, I promise. So, take a little ruler, and make sure you know exactly how to sew that seam. Mark it with masking tape if you need to, or get a presser foot that is a perfect 1/4″ from the edge. Practice makes perfect!

5.Keep your Needle sharp

Your needle should be changed every 8 hours of sewing because a dull needle will make sewing your pieces really hard. The seams won’t be as straight or accurate and your iffabric can pull or pucker.

6.Press your seams

Press them, don’t iron them! Pressing a seam means putting the iron straight down on the fabric, and not moving it. This helps the fabric keep its’ shape, and the quilt block from being skewed or warped.

7.Choose appropriate batting

It is easier to manipulate and work with, and will fit better under the arm of your machine. If you are planning on trying your first quilt, you can use a bit thicker batting.

8.Use colors you love

Lots of people will tell you different things about color–what goes together and what doesn’t, what not not mix, and especially what is trendy. When choosing the colors for your first project, choose colors and prints that YOU love. It definitely makes a difference in your motivation to be working with fabric that you love to look at.

9.Do Not Stress

This is your first quilt, you will make mistakes. The best of us do! Learn from them and move on! Most importantly have fun.

Four Pines has all of the accessories and fabric you may need to start your first quilt! For more information call today at (603) 543-3311.

All Fabric is $8.50/yard and must be ordered in whole yard increments.

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