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The Joys and Benefits of Quilting in NH

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Quilting in NH from Four PinesDuring earlier times, quilts were an essential article in households, not only as bed coverings, but also as curtains, petticoats and waistcoats to keep the body warm. In fact, patchwork quilting in NH was created by homemakers during the time when there was a shortage of fabric! Today, quilting in NH in no longer practiced to satisfy economic or social needs, but for expression and enjoyment! Here at Four Pines Quilting, we understand the joys and benefits of quilting.

Today, quilting is a fun, gratifying and enriching hobby! Quilting in NH offers an opportunity to express creativity and helps to enhance life. What is a better way to start than with your expert quilt shop, Four Pines Quilting! Most people enjoy the process of choosing or designing a project, the process of selecting the fabrics, and the satisfaction of creating something unique and special. Head into our New Hampshire quilt shop and browse the beautiful, colorful aisles of bright hues, lush patterns and fun textures! Are you a beginner? No problem! Check out our Summer Samplers, with a new pattern every Monday, you will have something creative to look forward to!

Not only is quilting an enjoyable craft, but they are also quite useful! Quilting provides warm and comfortable bed coverings and clothing. There are those which are kept as attractive works of art. They have been showcases for the talents and skills of their creators. The list of quilted items has since been expanded to include placemats, cushion covers, table runners, bonnets, wall hangings, makeup bags and so much more!

Quilting in NH is much easier than you have previously thought! The making of quilts does not require any special skills, just a general knowledge of sewing! Four Pines Quilting has made starting a quilting project simple with every tool you may need in one shop! From your sewing machine needs, to threads, to accessories and even some quilting advice, Four Pines has you covered!

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