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The Advantages of Longarm Sewing Machines

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Long arm sewing machines from Four Pines

Four Pines is not only your personal source for the best fabrics on the market, but they also provide customers with everything they need when it comes to long arm sewing machines! When it comes to quilting and sewing, the longarm has been around for a very long time. The sewing machine was created during the 18th century and only a short 100 years later,thelongarm was born!

How does this machine differ from a domestic machine you ask? For one thing, this is a large industrial piece of equipment. The machine head is the part that does the sewing. It is guided either by computer or by hand over the quilt sandwich. This head is mounted on wheels and a track, enabling it to slide freely across the entire quilt while sewing. In addition to the actual sewing machine head, there is a frame, rollers, and a worktable. These parts work together to hold the layers of the quilt securely in place.

Four Pines provides all of your longarm needs because Four Pines is well aware of all of the advantageslongarm sewing machines have to offer!

The maker does not need to baste the quilt -Since each layer is loaded into the rollers and frames of the longarm, there is no need to spend time crawling around on the floor with pins or spray. This is a strenuous part of quilting that many people struggle with.

Whether done by hand or on a machine at home, quilting is time consuming -Many people just don't have that kind of time available, and they would argue that the expense of having their projects quilted professionally is well worth it.

Longarm sewing machines are very accessible -It is quite easy to get ahold of a local quilter. The Four Pines Quilt Shop is proud to partner with Innova, a leader in the industry for well over 50 years to provide customers with quality-made long arm machines. You can contact Four Pines today and get a hold of your very own.

It's easy! -Machine quilting is strenuous and cannot be achieved by everyone. If you don't like wrestling your larger quilts in your home machine, then hiring a longarm quilter might be for you. Due to a rise in popularity, this service is more affordable than ever.

For more information about longarms call Four Pines Quilting at (603) 543-3311 today!

All Fabric is $8.50/yard and must be ordered in whole yard increments.

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