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Taking Care of Your Sewing Machine

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Quilting in NH from Four PinesAt Four Pines Quilting, it is easy to say we know a thing or two about sewing machines. We have a great passion for quilting in NH, so we understand that our machines need some tender love and care. As enthusiasts, there are some maintenance tips everyone should know.

Keep your machine covered!

Lint, dust, grit and animal hair can find their way into your machine and cause an abundant of problems, especially for the printed circuit board of a computerized machine. A tip, try not to keep it near an open window, and always cover it when not in use. There are many options for a sewing machine cover, you can purchase a ready-made plastic cover, use a pillowcase, or just be your crafty self and make one!

Change your needles often

We recommend replacing the needle after every four hours of sewing time! When sewing, the needle passes through the fabric more than a thousand times per minute. There is always a chance that the needle becomes bent or dull, you may get skipped stitches, broken or looped thread, or even damage your machine.

Wind bobbins correctly

Always be sure that there are no thread tails hanging from the bobbin when it is placed into the bobbin case. They can jam the machine and cause the upper thread to break. Remember, always use a bobbin designed for your machine in order to avoid skipped stitches, as well a permanent damage to the bobbin case.

Regular Cleanings are essential

You should get in the habit of cleaning your machine after each project. We recommend following the instructions in your machine’s manual, however, a routine service by your Four Pines professional is crucial every year or so!

Most sewing machine problems can be traced to poor general maintenance or neglect, but these tips will ensure a happy machine! To get years of service out of your machine or any other quilting in NH questions contact Four Pines Quilting at (603) 543-3311.

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