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Sewing Machine Safety Tips by Four Pines Quilting

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Brother sewing machines from Four PinesWhen it comes to your safety, Brother sewing machines are the last type of machine you would find dangerous. Yes, sewing is safer than a lot of things-- operating a motor vehicle, engaging in contact sports. However, brother sewing machines do involve electricity, moving parts and sharp needles, so safety is still a concern. In order to get started on any creative quilting project, one should always be aware of these safety tips:

  • Keep your fingers away from the needle : The last thing you want is to see a nice little stitch through your finger! About 60% of the sewing machine related injuries treated in a hospital each year are puncture wounds from needles. In fact, experienced sewists might even be more apt to do this than beginners. Purchasing finger guards never hurts.
  • Minimize distractions: Never operate your sewing machine when you are tired or you have too many things happening at the time. Sewing is a lot easier when you’re feeling rested and relaxed, not to mention safer.
  • Turn off and unplug : Always turn off and unplug your sewing machine when you are away from it for more than a few minutes. Sewing machines can generate a considerable amount of heat when left on.A lightning strike when a sewing machine is plugged in can cause irreversible damage. Consider getting a surge protector to plug your machine into, as a precaution. Another reason to turn off and unplug is that a sewing machine that does not turn on is less interesting to children and pets.
  • Be mindful of cords : Try to organize cords towards the back of the machine and not draped across the floor where you, or someone else, is likely to trip over them. If they must run across the floor, consider taping them down.
  • Pets: If you have pets that have a tendency to chew on cords, be sure to inspect your sewing machine cords regularly.
  • Servicing: It is always a good choice to have brother sewing machines serviced every year or two by your local Four Pines Quilting shop. Not only will this keep your machine in top working order, potentially dangerous repairs are more likely to be noticed before than can cause a problem.
  • Don’t force it: Do not forced your sewing machine to sew through thick or tough material. You could damage your machine or cause injury to yourself. Your project might require an industrial strength machine.

Considering these safety tips, will make your creative process smooth and enjoyable. For more information about our sewing machines, contact Four Pines Quilting today at (603) 543-3311.

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