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How to Choose the Right Fabric

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Fabric in NH from Four Pines Quilting

Nothing beats a warm, cozy, handmade quilt! They make a great asset for any home and wonderful personal gifts for all of your loved ones. At Four Pines Quilting we know that not only are they perfect presents, they are also fun to make. The next step after the want to create one is to choose your fabric. One of your biggest decisions during this project is which fabric in NH is right for you. We have some steps that can help!

Favorite Prints

A lot of the time one just comes across a fabric in NH that speaks to you. It could be the colors, prints or the general mood instilled. As soon as you fall in love, use that fabric to construct your quilt! We suggest that you carefully examine all of the different colors within that individual print and pay close attention, this way you can use a variety of fabrics in those coordinating shades.


Maybe you are looking to build a quilt that works around a specific color scheme. This is usually a reoccuring theme when you want to make a quilt to fit the decor of a room or a gift for someone with favorite colors! At Four Pines, we always find it helpful to consult a fan favorite, the color wheel. Locate the chosen color on the wheel and find it’s complementary colors.


As soon as you have chosen a quilt pattern, it is very important to pay attention to the scale of the designs printed on the fabric!


With all of the fabrics available, we know it can be an overwhelming decision! Therefore, pre-cuts might be just what you need! They are collections of fabric that have been previously cut by a machine. One of the best things about pre-cut fabric in NH is that they provide an easy way to obtain a sampling of each fabric in a collection.

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All Fabric is $8.50/yard and must be ordered in whole yard increments.

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