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For the Love of Quilting Classes

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Fabric in NH from Four Pines

Have you been looking for something to do with your free time? Have you been wanting to do something just for you? Have you been wanting to learn a new skill? There is a simple solution to all of those questions: take crafty class with Four Pines Quilting! Not only is Four Pines Quilting, your one stop shop for fabric in NH, we also hold weekly classes, events, sewing sessions and more at our Claremont, NH location.When it comes to learning a useful skill, diving into your creative side and spending quality time with yourself and others, few opportunities are more rewarding than taking quilting classes!

As a shop that offers creative classes, we have witnessed the positive effects countless times! Here are five benefits to taking the plunge into quilting classes:

  • Flex your creativity: Always remember that creativity is not just for people who make a career out of selling their art! Today, many people are exhausted from demanding jobs and social schedules that they do not have time to explore their creative sides. Many studies have shown that giving yourself a chance to make something will likely increase your overall happiness.
  • Learn a new skill: Quilting classes, even for a pro, are about learning a new skill! Whether you want quilting to become a fun, new hobby or a potential career, there is something quite satisfying about physically making something. Starting with different materials of your choosing and ending with a gorgeous, functional quilt is reason enough to consider taking a quilting class with Four Pines Quilting.
  • Bonding: This is a great opportunity to invite family or friends to join you. You will be able to interact with your loved one in a new and creative environment, and you’ll have a planned time each week to see each other and catch up!
  • Meet new people: You will be pleasantly surprised by the bonds you create with others just by quilting alongside them. For years, different people have built sustained friendships around crafty classes and quilting circles, and our classes are no different!
  • Make a gift: Have a special occasion coming up? There are few more precious gifts you could give than a personalized, handmade, quilt. Taking a quilting class with Four Pines Quilting gives you the chance to choose the best fabric in NH you need to make what will soon become a cherished present.

Whether it is entering the world of miniature quilting with our “Mini Meeting” class, or even our Embroidery Workshop, Four Pines Quilting classes will make for a great experience! Call today for more information at, (603) 543-3311!

All Fabric is $8.50/yard and must be ordered in whole yard increments.

Domestic U.S. shipping is a flate rate of $5 per order, all orders over $100 ship for free.
International shipping is a Flat rate of $50 per order